As a naturalista we're always looking for ways to obtain heatless curls. Last year I discovered Curlformers and I must say they are the perfect way to obtain heatless curls or use to stretch your hair. I needed a break from twisting my hair so I decided to  break out the curlformers.

Products use:
*True brand Crazy Sexy Cool Curls Curling Souffle  (review: did not provide enough hold or humidity block)
*Eco styler gel with argan oil
*66 medium curlformers (44 orange, 22 pink)
*Deluxe Softhood Hair dryer attachment by Curlformers (approximately 3hr drying time)
*Due to the Florida humidity my hair only lasted 2 days

I had the awesome opportunity to volunteer for a group of photographers as their model for the day. It was a great experience and so much fun! Being a model is HARD LOL! Here are a few pics from the photo shoot :) Enjoy!
1. When did you make the decision to go natural? Did you transition or big chop?
In the summer of 2009 I initially did a big chop from bra strap length hair to a Rihanna style short cut. I figured if I could go that short might as well go all the way and join the natural movement. I've had two more BC after the initial chop. 

2. Why did you go natural?
One weekend when I wasn't able to get to my regular stylist, I ended up at a Hair Cuttery with an amateur beautician which resulted in a tried and true mohawk. When I finally got to my stylist to doctor up the botched job we decided to try out a TWA and the rest is "hairstory". :-)
3. Do you regret your decision?
I don't regret it at all, I was a slave to the creamy crack and wasted tons of money keeping my hair bone straight, week after week. It feels good to be able to pick and choose when to visit the salon, and not have it be a mandatory event. 

4. What do you love most about being natural?
Versatility. Natural hair is delicate but at the same time strong and can be manipulated and styled in many different ways with greater chances of achieving your desired style. While I've always had length to my hair, when my hair was relaxed I often heard, "you have this length for the style Ari, but your hair isn't thick enough!" I don't have that problem any longer. 

5. What are your favorite products right now?
I consider myself a product junkie so I will try anything that may seem appealing or has all natural products. At the moment, I am addicted to Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, EcoStyler Gel with Olive Oil, and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing
6. What is your daily/nightly regimen?
It varies depending on how much work I feel like doing. On a lazy day I co-wash, add leave in conditioner, EcoStyler gel and go. On days when I'm feeling a little spunky, I use all the products mentioned above, and while my hair is still wet I pull out my blow dryer to diffuse my hair into voluminous curls. For professional/upscale events I do a two strand twist out. To preserve any of these styles, I use a silky, stretchy type fabric that I made into a tube like scarf. I start with the scarf around my neck and pull it over my face for the pineapple effect on the hair. 

7. Any advice to those considering taking the plunge?
The journey to becoming comfortable with your hair in its natural state is different. Do what makes you happy. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to your "hair story"!

If you're interested in learning more about Ari, check out her new business Facebook page: Temptress Beauty. Temptress Beauty specializes in mobile makeup services and pole parties in the Jacksonville, Florida area. You can contact her at temptressbeauty13@gmail.com.

I received my March "Anniversary" CurlKit box today. I get so excited when my box is on the way just to see what they have in store for me. Being that it was the anniversary box, I expected a little bit more. More larger name brands and even a extra full size product! Here's a look at the box contents:
1. Aubrey Organics - GPM Conditioner
2. Soapy Luv - Porridge and Honey soap
3. Wonder Curl - Butter than Love Hair Pudding
4. Bel Nuovo - CoCo Castor Pudding Moisturizing Hair Creme
5. Ecostyler - Curl & Wave "Pink" Gel
6. Alikay Naturals - Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner

What do you think of the anniversary box?
For more information or to subscribe to the monthly service, visit www.curlkit.com
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