Hey Curlfriends! Over the last week or so I've been rocking a ponytail. I make sure my hair is moisturized and gather into a bun. This particular style I used 1.5 packs of 100% kankeleon hair. 1 pack was french braided and the half was two strand twisted - put them together and VOILA! 
Would you try for a easy spring/summer style?
For Easter sunday I wanted to do something different with my hair. I pulled a dress out of the closet, but remembered the last time I wore it my hair was in a updo. I've been dying to try a updo using the Marley braid hair, so I ran to the hair store to pick some up. I love the texture of it - It looks so natural! I watched a few youtube videos for inspiration (my fav MsVaughnTV: Jamaican braid hair updo) and I WENT IN!
I started with freshly washed hair. I decided to make two ponytails to make the placement of the hair a little bit easier for me. I used Eco Styler gel with argan oil to pull my ponytails together. I then twisted my hair and secured it using a bobby pin. I wrapped my hair up with a scarf for 20 mins to help to lay my edges down. You want a secure base to start with :) Starting with the 1 pack of 100% kankaleon hair I two strand twisted it - securing a ponytail holder in the middle for use to easily attach to my ponytail. I started in the back and wrapped the braid hair around my ponytails to hid them.
Using 1 pack of Marley braid hair, I split it into two parts. The first part I two strand twisted, securing with a ponytail holder and pinned into the back right side of my hair. I began to place the hair going in a figure eight position - using bobby pins to secure. I took the second part of the marley hair, placing a rubber band on each end. I secured each side on the top ponytail, then twisted the hair and proceeded to pin and place how I wanted the front to look. It turned out great! This style was super easy and only took me 40 mins total.....that included 20 mins sitting with a scarf on my head.
Let me know if you try it :)

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