I know you're probably already looking at the picture like ....WTH????? I know, I know I didn't mean to scare you but this was my hair last night. Sunday night I roller set my hair in a attempt to straighten which turned into a MESS! It was saved by the miracle working flat twist LOL!
Roller set with light blow out attempt
My hair last night after lightly combing out my twist and moisturizing
Today's results after spritzing with oil and water, applying shea butter for moisture, using BB Tropical Roots twist cream and Eco Styler gel (red top) to flat twist my hair. Upon take down this morning I exhaled LMBO.......A good hair day!
To fun and unpredictable hair,
Wednesday was my birthday and  of course I wanted to rock a fierce twist out. WELL I decided to use a new product and ended up with just OKAY results in my book. My motto was definitely in full effect yesterday "No matter how it looks, you better ROCK IT!" cause IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Review of the Elasta QP Mango Butter Curl Defining Pudding: This product was cream based but not moisturizing enough to penetrate my thick 4b strands. The product claims to leave hair feeling like silk, but it left mine so far from that. When I applied to my hair it appeared to coat my strands but when dried it left my hair dry, frizzy, and dull looking. This product didn't aid in creating or maintaining the definition of my twist. To add shine back to my hair I used Original Moxie Twist Mist to add some form of shine. One thing I did like about the Curl defining pudding was the mango smell. The smell wasn't overpowering but delightful.
My hair lasted through the work day.  By the evening I had to spritz my hair with oil and water to refresh and create another style for my birthday dinner..........This one was DONE! I pinned the front into a pompadour and left the rest out.
Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?
Hilarious right? This was me on friday...........Beautiful twist out thursday but didn't feel like re-twisting that night. Friday morning I woke up to a HOT mess that created the worst looking bun EVER LOL!

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Happy Friday Curlfriends! Tonight I'm headed to the Kings of The Mic Tour (LL Cool J, De La Soul, Public Enemy, and Ice Cube) with my girls so I had to think of a style to rock. I wanted something a little funky to go with my outfit. Ya'll ALREADY know that flat twist are my staple so I figured I would incorporate the flat twist and flat twist out.
On freshly washed hair, using BB's Tropical roots twist cream I parted each section to make medium sized flat twist on the left side of my head. I used Eco styler gel (red top) along my edges to ensure a more uniformed look. On the right side of my head I continued to make flat twist with regular twist strand twist in the middle to help with definition. The hair in the middle of my head has a mind of it's own! I used perm rods on the end to add a curl. I even had my brother give me a lining so my style would have a more polished look. This morning I took down the twist on the right side, pinning the ends of the twist from the left side to make it look like it flowed together......I loved the definition! With the concert being outside, if the humidity wants to attack the right side will grow bigger and bigger = funky and FOXXY!

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