Happy Sunday Curlfriends! I'm still rocking my Havana twist - truly loving this
style! This weekend I washed and conditioned my hair and decided to pin up my
twist instead of just rocking in a bun. I pinned the front twist into a side
pompadour. Then I gathered the right side and back twist into one large braid -
pinning into place around the pompadour. I've gotten so many compliments today.

Do you like? Have you tried the Havana Twist yet?
Hey Curlfriends! After one week with Havana Twist I think I'M IN LOVE! This style is so cute and stylish. I decided to take my hair down, deep condition, and redo my twist. This time instead of using gel I used Entwine Couture Crème De La Mold. When I initially used this product I must admit I gave it a horrible review :( BUT I must say this time around I used it correctly. It provided a strong hold, maximum control, and awesome shine to each twist.

Perfect Summer Style,
Hey Curlfriends!
Last Friday after watching a few YouTube videos, I decided on a style I've been eager to try......HAVANA TWIST!! I used 4 bags of Equal brand Marley braiding hair and it took me 4 hours to
complete. After I figured out which way to twist to get the hair secure, completing the style was a WRAP! See the slideshow below for step by step instructions and products used (Leave any questions in the comment box). I started on freshly washed, blown out hair.

This will definitely be a go-to protective style for me for summer and fall. Have you ever tried this style?
Here are a few styles I've been rockin

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