Coconut oil is my BFF.  It has so many different uses.  If you follow Natural Hair Rules, you know I mix coconut & olive oil for my hair and scalp.  I also whip up a wonderful Coconut Oil Body Butter. Because I love the stuff so much I wanted to share 5 ways I discovered it helps to prevent damage in natural hair.

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Natural hair care should be easy. There are tons of hair products out there, but as a Naturalista you don't have to feel like you have to spend a million dollars to get your hair to behave. I love the expensive name brands, but my hair tends to react better to the inexpensive products. Here are my go-to products.........Give them a try!

1. Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo
2. VO5 Moisture Milk Moisturizing Conditioner
3. African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil
4. Eco Custard
5. Giovanni Direct Leave In
6. Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream
7. Eco Styler Gel with Moroccan Argan Oil
8. African Shea Butter
9. U R Curly Soya Shampoo
10. BB Tropical Roots Twist Cream
I've set a new record for myself..........5TH DAY HAIR! I haven't retwisted my hair since thursday night and it's still rockin!  2 strand twists are doing wonders for my hair these days. I twisted freshly washed hair using BB Tropical Roots twist cream.

What have you tried that your hair now loves?
Hey Curlfriends! Somehow I forgot to update you all on August 3rd when I removed my last set of Havana Twist.......Sorry "My Bad". After taking my hair down I just couldn't ignore the damage my hair was suffering. I'm still trying to determine the culprit but the damaged/split ends HAD TO GO! So I washed& deep conditioned my hair. Using my hair scissors I proceeded to cut all the raggedy, split, straight ends of my hair. I think I cut 1-1.5 inches around. It was all worth getting my hair back to it's luxurious days of great curls.

Pictured below are my curls today. Freshly washed and styled from a flat twist out. Since I trimmed my ends my hair has been thriving. I no longer have to use rollers at the end of my twist - my hair just curls up! My ultimate hair goal is to have healthy hair, but with healthy hair comes length. That's my dilemma - Length Retention. I need my length to stick around. My two year hair anniversary was in June and over these two years I've had growth, but I've also had to cut my hair more than I wanted to. 

So CHEERS to more great hair days! I decided to keep my regimen SIMPLE adding back one of my
go-to leave-ins during my transition: Cantu Shea Butter leave in. My hair is loving it! I've also added Eco Styler Custard to my regimen as my twist cream and I think I've found that ISH! My hair is loving this custard as a twist cream. My flat twist outs have been coming out like magic - so moisturized and defined. I've also decided to lay off the heavy use of combs and brushes. I'm doing more finger detangling :)

Wish me luck & continous days of great hair,

Hey Curlfriends!
Last Friday after watching a few YouTube videos, I decided on a style I've been eager to try......HAVANA TWIST!! I used 4 bags of Equal brand Marley braiding hair and it took me 4 hours to
complete. After I figured out which way to twist to get the hair secure, completing the style was a WRAP! See the slideshow below for step by step instructions and products used (Leave any questions in the comment box). I started on freshly washed, blown out hair.

This will definitely be a go-to protective style for me for summer and fall. Have you ever tried this style?
Here are a few styles I've been rockin
I know you're probably already looking at the picture like ....WTH????? I know, I know I didn't mean to scare you but this was my hair last night. Sunday night I roller set my hair in a attempt to straighten which turned into a MESS! It was saved by the miracle working flat twist LOL!
Roller set with light blow out attempt
My hair last night after lightly combing out my twist and moisturizing
Today's results after spritzing with oil and water, applying shea butter for moisture, using BB Tropical Roots twist cream and Eco Styler gel (red top) to flat twist my hair. Upon take down this morning I exhaled LMBO.......A good hair day!
To fun and unpredictable hair,
I just found this video and it's one of the best twist videos I've ever watched on YouTube. Shameless Maya is so entertaining and descriptive in what she is doing. She shows how to flat twist and 2 sttwist out. Take a look!

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Via Naturallycurly.com - I would've ever thought coconut oil has so many uses!
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Hey Curlfriends! Today's post is so random but.................
I'm having a real Natural Hair moment today. One of those days when you wake up and realize you have somewhere important to go and you didn't twist your hair. The event totally slipped your mind, so instead you have to pin it up or bun it and your not looking your best **BLANK STARE**

This is the moment that helps you understand the importance of having CONFIDENCE in your natural hair journey. Having an over abundance of confidence through the journey will encourage you not to make any rash decisions (i.e. Big Chop or going back to the creamy crack LOL) regarding your hair. Instead you totally embrace your curls and kinks to make the most of your situation with confidence. Natural hair can be unpredictable at times, so it's imperative that you have a go-to and/or staple hairstyle in your back pocket to save the day. 

What's your favorite go-to and/or staple hairstyle?

"Those beautiful curls and kinks are ALL yours, so ROCK them!"

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