My edges after using the Wicked Texture Pomade
Hey Curlfriends! Over the weekend I ran out of one of my staple products, so it was a MUST that I make a trip to my nearest Whole Foods store to restock. Low and behold when I got there the brand Giovanni was on sale!!!!! Of course I wanted to get one of each item being that they were are $3 off.........BUT I held it together.  

I decided to pick up two items (pictured): My staple leave in : Direct Leave-In Weight Moisture Conditioner and added a new product to my arensal : Wicked Texture - The definition of pomade. I love Whole Foods because they have the actual product for you to try before you buy. Their return policy is SICK as well - If you don't like it, return for your money back!

I used the pomade this morning and I'm beyond satisfied! It left my edges laid down with an awesome shine. It does have a greasy feel, but it's not to much where you feel the need to wash hair right after using. I love pomades because they are great when you need that polished look without the use of a brush. Here are a few other products that I will be picking before the sale ends 2/26/13: 

Sale time equals THE perfect time to try, 

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