I received my March "Anniversary" CurlKit box today. I get so excited when my box is on the way just to see what they have in store for me. Being that it was the anniversary box, I expected a little bit more. More larger name brands and even a extra full size product! Here's a look at the box contents:
1. Aubrey Organics - GPM Conditioner
2. Soapy Luv - Porridge and Honey soap
3. Wonder Curl - Butter than Love Hair Pudding
4. Bel Nuovo - CoCo Castor Pudding Moisturizing Hair Creme
5. Ecostyler - Curl & Wave "Pink" Gel
6. Alikay Naturals - Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner

What do you think of the anniversary box?
For more information or to subscribe to the monthly service, visit www.curlkit.com

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