A few weeks ago I went to Sally's Beauty Supply just looking for something to buy......Like ALWAYS! I stumbled on a foundation to achieve the perfect chignon. I love the look of a bun but have struggled to achieve it, BUT now I can!

I started my bun on freshly washed hair. I slicked my hair into a ponytail using Eco styler gel with Argan oil. Secured my edges with Ampro Silk Edges for that perfect ponytail. To add dimension to the style, I parted enough hair for a bang and began to flat twist. I pinned the end of the twist into the bun. **You can take down the twist the next day to have two styles :)**

After I achieved a perfectly set ponytail, I inserted the hair through the middle of the chignon foundation. Then I placed my pointer finger in the middle of the hair sticking out of the ponytail. Now that I've found the middle point I flatten and spread the hair around to cover the chignon foundation. Using hair pins to secure the hair and chignon in place. Place a small amount of gel in your hand to smooth the hair and add a little shine!

A great quick style to add to your style arsenal! Give it a try......The chignon foundation can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply for only $3.69.

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