My friend Yalanda just started a photography business named Essential Focus photography and was nice enough to ask me to pose as her subject for some pictures. The pictures would be to expand her portfolio and as much as I love taking pictures I HAD to help her out! She asked me if I had a location in mind and my first thought was Treaty Oak Park. Treaty Oak Park is in downtown Jacksonville described by www.jaxfountain.com as:
"Located on Prudential Drive, just blocks from "Friendship Fountain".  Treaty Oak Park, as it's popularly known, is the park that surrounds "Treaty Oak".  A magnificent specimen of "Quercus Virginiana", or Live Oak.  Treaty Oak is over two centuries old and its trunk is over 25 feet in circumference. Treaty Oak is 70 foot tall and is also known as "Jacksonville's Favorite Oak". She also suggested that we visit The Friendship Fountain for pictures as well. Both places are historical landmarks of Jacksonville and the perfect background. For more information on both The Friendship Fountain and Treaty Oak Park click HERE

I just had to share a few of the photos with you. If you are in the Jacksonville area and looking for an awesome, talented, spirit-filled photographer please reach out to Yalanda of Essential Focus Photography at 954-632-0832. 


Today was the official release of M.A.C's new line Temperature Rising. So me and my girl Shanae had to take a early break and head to the store. We had a few shades in mind to try. There are a total of 4 lipsticks and 4 lipglass with this collection.

I decided to purchase a lipglass this time........Color: Soft Serenade. M.A.C. describes Soft Serenade as a midtone neutral pink with pearl. The shimmer is just enough to make my lips pop. I was considering the lipstick in the same shade but the glitter effect was a bit over powering. I felt like the glitter would be all over my face by the end of the night!

Did you pick up any products from the Temperature Rising release?


Since I've been on my weight loss journey, all of my jeans are too big! YES I know that's a great thing but if you could see my closet you would be like DANG you have a lot of jeans!!!! So I decided to purchase a new pair of nice fitting jeans and I found a great pair at Forever 21. I've been loving the ripped look and had yet to cop a pair of these! Do you like?

Jeans: Forever 21
Shirt: Sears
Shoes: Urbanog.com
Last weekend I FINALLY got to get "Foxxy" and wear my RiRi Woo Mac lipstick. I've gotten accustomed to wearing lipstick now, so I was overly excited to debut a red lip. A few of my friends speak so highly of the Ruby Woo red that when RiRi came out with her edition I knew it was time to join the club.

My thoughts on RiRi Woo:
- Very Matte (actually felt like wax the first time I tried to apply)
- Beautiful shade of red
- Very drying - The feel of it is totally different from the Heroine lipstick that I bought a month ago
- The color transfers very easily. Since the lipstick is so dry I added a dab of lipgloss and the lipstick seem to get EVERYWHERE!

The RiRi Woo made its debut at the Jacksonville Funk Fest. I had a great time at the Funk Fest with my fav girls Jocelyn and Marilyn. We partied the night away to 69 Boys, 95 South, JT Money, SOS Band, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Salt N Pepa, and Jill Scott.

Mint is the color this season and it's giving me LIFE! The softness of the color mixes so well with others to give you that flirty and extra girly look. For this look the focus was on the scarf and the shoes.....Do you like?

Shirt & Scarf: Rainbow Apparel
Leggings: NY&Co
Shoes: DSW
Earrings: Kitsy Lane online

Today is Mother's day and I wanted to take time to thank my Mama for EVERYTHING! My style and my personality is all Ms. Bobbie! I have the best Mama in the world and I love her so much.

Here's to you Mama.......My favorite girl Ms. Bobbie!
Floral peplum dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Rainbow
Shoes: Sears
Jewelry: Jewelmint.com
The Costume Institute Gala (or Costume Institute Ball), known as
the Met Ball or Met Gala, is an annual  ball that celebrates the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit. This is the red carpet of all red carpets! The celebrities come dressed to impress and it's a oppotunity for them to step outside the line. Here are my favs :)

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post)

After biting my nails for almost TWO hours, I got my RiRi Woo! Rihanna's debut M.A.C lipstick - a spin on the classic Ruby Woo. I'm just getting into lipstick and bringing ya'll along on my lipstick journey. I didn't know it was this serious LOL - Everything stopped so I could wait in line with everyone else to get the exclusive *online only* lipstick. But seriously M.A.C. online only - DANG!

Did you make it through the trenches to cop a RiRi Woo?

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