Today was the official release of M.A.C's new line Temperature Rising. So me and my girl Shanae had to take a early break and head to the store. We had a few shades in mind to try. There are a total of 4 lipsticks and 4 lipglass with this collection.

I decided to purchase a lipglass this time........Color: Soft Serenade. M.A.C. describes Soft Serenade as a midtone neutral pink with pearl. The shimmer is just enough to make my lips pop. I was considering the lipstick in the same shade but the glitter effect was a bit over powering. I felt like the glitter would be all over my face by the end of the night!

Did you pick up any products from the Temperature Rising release?


Last weekend I FINALLY got to get "Foxxy" and wear my RiRi Woo Mac lipstick. I've gotten accustomed to wearing lipstick now, so I was overly excited to debut a red lip. A few of my friends speak so highly of the Ruby Woo red that when RiRi came out with her edition I knew it was time to join the club.

My thoughts on RiRi Woo:
- Very Matte (actually felt like wax the first time I tried to apply)
- Beautiful shade of red
- Very drying - The feel of it is totally different from the Heroine lipstick that I bought a month ago
- The color transfers very easily. Since the lipstick is so dry I added a dab of lipgloss and the lipstick seem to get EVERYWHERE!

The RiRi Woo made its debut at the Jacksonville Funk Fest. I had a great time at the Funk Fest with my fav girls Jocelyn and Marilyn. We partied the night away to 69 Boys, 95 South, JT Money, SOS Band, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Salt N Pepa, and Jill Scott.

After biting my nails for almost TWO hours, I got my RiRi Woo! Rihanna's debut M.A.C lipstick - a spin on the classic Ruby Woo. I'm just getting into lipstick and bringing ya'll along on my lipstick journey. I didn't know it was this serious LOL - Everything stopped so I could wait in line with everyone else to get the exclusive *online only* lipstick. But seriously M.A.C. online only - DANG!

Did you make it through the trenches to cop a RiRi Woo?
Today was the in-store release of Mac lipcolor Heroine. A good friend of mine told me that he thought it would look great on me and BOY, OH BOY was he RIGHT! The color is best described as plum with a pink tint. On my skin tone it's just radiant! I can't wait to rock the color this spring/summer..........I just picture it with a white dress/ light on the accessories and BOOM that pop of HEROINE!

Did you pick up Heroine? What are your thoughts?
Mac Heroine release date April 4th
I'm on my grind searching for that perfect lipstick......Well I think I should say lipsticks (PLURAL)! I'm a lipgloss lover, so the transition for me is a little hard. I'm use to a more sheer base with a tint of color. Having the full color on my lip makes me look a different to myself; Different is good right?

I've found two colors that I like and feel comfortable in. One of my good friends also suggested that I try the new Mac color Heroine scheduled for release April 4th. I've already planned a trip to MAC on my lunch break that day!

What do you think of the two I chose? What are your fav lipstick colors and brands?

Wasn't too sure at first but once I looked at the photo I liked! Color: Victoria Secret's Color Drama Lipstick in Intensity
Now this one RIGHT HERE makes me feel FOXXY! Color: NARS Semi Matte Lipstick in Scarlet Empress
I'm really trying to take the plunge into wearing lipstick. I found a great article on Styleunited.com "The 10 Commandments of Lipstick" and I had to share. Check it out HERE

I've been telling a friend for the past month or so that I want to try lipstick. I'm a lipgloss girl from the heart......My lipgloss is always poppin, BUT it's time to change things up. Step out of the box!

Low and behold I hit up Facebook and a fellow blogger: Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless posted this awesome list of 12 Mac Lipstick Dupes. I had to share with you all :) I think I'm going to look for the dupe to Mac Russian Red and Mac Bubbles first!

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