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JENNIFER LOPEZ....J.Lo.....GIRLLLLL! Now this is one woman that knows how to flaunt a dress. I love to see a woman wear a dress and totally rock it to make it look like it was designed just for her.......Well this one probably was! Jennifer Lopez did not disappoint in her choice designed by Zuhair Murad.

To open red carpet season, Mrs. Lopez showed that sexy can be appropriate in any setting. She exudes beauty, class, and just the right amount of attitude. This bold, sexy number along with her choice of hair, jewelry, and makeup were the perfect compliment to the look.  Do you see the people standing behind her in the picture? I almost didn't because she stands out and is shining so bright!

Mrs. Lopez came to the Golden Globes dressed as if there is a best dressed award. If there were, she would MOST DEFINITELY be the winner in my book!

Who is your best dressed pic for  the 2013 Golden Globes? Check out the red carpet pics HERE......

To a Great Red Carpet Season,

Shanae Latrell
01/16/2013 3:59pm

My favorite was Salma Hayek.


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