Last weekend I FINALLY got to get "Foxxy" and wear my RiRi Woo Mac lipstick. I've gotten accustomed to wearing lipstick now, so I was overly excited to debut a red lip. A few of my friends speak so highly of the Ruby Woo red that when RiRi came out with her edition I knew it was time to join the club.

My thoughts on RiRi Woo:
- Very Matte (actually felt like wax the first time I tried to apply)
- Beautiful shade of red
- Very drying - The feel of it is totally different from the Heroine lipstick that I bought a month ago
- The color transfers very easily. Since the lipstick is so dry I added a dab of lipgloss and the lipstick seem to get EVERYWHERE!

The RiRi Woo made its debut at the Jacksonville Funk Fest. I had a great time at the Funk Fest with my fav girls Jocelyn and Marilyn. We partied the night away to 69 Boys, 95 South, JT Money, SOS Band, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Salt N Pepa, and Jill Scott.


05/22/2013 10:19pm

Thanks for sharing. The color looks great on you. Hmm....do I need to make a trip to Mac?! How close is it to Ruby Woo? It looks like Ruby Woo is a bit redder or brighter...


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