My friend Yalanda just started a photography business named Essential Focus photography and was nice enough to ask me to pose as her subject for some pictures. The pictures would be to expand her portfolio and as much as I love taking pictures I HAD to help her out! She asked me if I had a location in mind and my first thought was Treaty Oak Park. Treaty Oak Park is in downtown Jacksonville described by www.jaxfountain.com as:
"Located on Prudential Drive, just blocks from "Friendship Fountain".  Treaty Oak Park, as it's popularly known, is the park that surrounds "Treaty Oak".  A magnificent specimen of "Quercus Virginiana", or Live Oak.  Treaty Oak is over two centuries old and its trunk is over 25 feet in circumference. Treaty Oak is 70 foot tall and is also known as "Jacksonville's Favorite Oak". She also suggested that we visit The Friendship Fountain for pictures as well. Both places are historical landmarks of Jacksonville and the perfect background. For more information on both The Friendship Fountain and Treaty Oak Park click HERE

I just had to share a few of the photos with you. If you are in the Jacksonville area and looking for an awesome, talented, spirit-filled photographer please reach out to Yalanda of Essential Focus Photography at 954-632-0832. 


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