I read this article by GG of PeaceLoveandPrettyThings and it truly made me think about how to further better myself in 2013. Read below......
I understand why new year's resolutions get a bad rap, but there's nothing wrong with seeing the new calendar year as an opportunity for a clean slate. We just have to remember that a clean slate can be created with each new month, week, day or moment as well. Too often we don't start things because we're afraid we won't finish them. When's the last time you really challenged yourself? When's the last time something didn't work out? When's the last time you got up and tried again?

Read the rest of the article here: http://www.peaceloveandprettythings.com/2013/01/becoming-more-of-yourself-in-2013.html

Is 2013 the year for you to get more financially fit? Save more = Spend less? A friend posted this 52 week challenge on facebook today and I had to share :) Commit to saving this year for that special trip, christmas shopping fund, or just to have some money in your savings. What I love about this challenge is that it's really easy and practical; Saving one week at a time. Start today and put that $1 right into your savings.........I am!   
I've got to buy this shirt! I love inspirational shirts because they spread the message without having to open your mouth. You can purchase this one here http://bit.ly/faithaintone
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