PictureOne day of the June challenge with my Brother
WE GO HARD!!!! Can't you tell? All that sweat just glistening on our faces LOL! But seriously I ended my  birthday challenge with a bang - I even got my brother to join me:) BUT it's time to step it up and get back on track with my eating. For the month of June I ate what I wanted, but I could only do that because I ran/walk 4 miles a day. So I was able to maintain my weight.....maintaining is not my goal. LOSE, LOSE, LOSE is what Foxxy is all about!

So my July Challenge is:
- Run/Walk 3 miles 5 days a week.
- Refrain from eating carbs (bread, pasta, rice) and sugar.
- 3 times a week (M,W,F) go to gym twice completing the cross fit workout at lunch and run/walk after work.

- On Tuesday the focus will be arms and Thursday the focus will be on legs. 
- Complete the 30 day squat challenge (started 6/26/13).
- Also hoping to make it to zumba at least twice this month. 

Yesterday at the gym with my girl Jocelyn - Crossfit type workout at lunch and 3 mile run/walk after work
If you're not wearing a band - you better start TODAY!
Weights I use: squats holding a 15lb dumbbell, the situps I have a 10lb flat weight in my hands, lunges I have 10lbs dumbbells and for the deadlift I have a 20lb bar weight
Don't just watch, JOIN ME.....We all can be Foxxy!

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