I know it's late in November but with my computer being down and taking vacation I just haven't found the time. I like to update the blog with my fitness goals for the month because not only does it help me to hold myself accountable.......It encourages others too! So many people have encouraged me since last month and have reached out to me for help. I am far from a expert but one thing I know for sure is that this journey is HARD and without someone in your corner its hard to make it to the finish line.

I've been on a food-vacation allowing myself to eat what I want and ENJOY it for the month of October. Never going overboard but enjoying the things that I really like but turned away from. My Mom also came to visit in October so of course I had to enjoy some fried chicken wings ( MY FAV) or whatever else she wanted to cook. I truly missed my Mom's cooking and I totally took advantage. On those days when she cooked my favs, I made to sure to watch my portions and eat balanced meals for breakfast and lunch so when dinner time came......I ENJOYED IT! I'm just being honest about my journey :)

Sooooooo for the month of November my goals are:
 - Starting November 11th I have been totally on track with my eating. I'm half way to my weight loss goal so I'm looking at this point as a point to start over.
 - I'm using measuring cups to ensure I'm getting the right portions, looking at calories, ALL THAT! I'm ready to take myself to the next level and at this point I need to stay focused.
 -This month I will be getting back to running (YAY), and going to various fitness classes. Last month my main focus was boxing and I loved it - I'll get back to it in December.
 - Greens, Greens, Greens! I'm incorporating lots of green veggies back into my diet. I never really took them out but I'm stepping it up and eating more
 - Lunch - For the past couple weeks I haven't been hungry at lunch time. So instead of trying to force myself to eat I've decided to make smoothies (power greens, apple, strawberry, raspberry), along with a Nature Valley bar. So far so good It gives me the nutrients I need to make it through mid day until my next snack.

That's all for now, but I hope to check in with you all before the end of the month

So September was a bust! Yeah I know it doesn't sound good but it's the truth. If I'm going to blog about my journey I have to remain truthful about my struggles. I really struggled this month.....bread & sweets were EVERYWHERE!!! My favorite candy "Candy Corn" (Oh how I love thee) is back on the market as well! Exercise is not my issue, it's the food struggle that has kept my weight loss stagnant for the past two months. I prepare all my meals in advance for the work week (breakfast, lunch, & dinner). The temptation comes for me on the weekend when I'm out and about enjoying my free time.

In September my fitness was on point! Continuing my running and stepping up my circuit training routine with the trainer at Planet Fitness. I was going so hard with the running, hurdles, and laddar drills that I hurt my foot. Actually my Achilles Tendon is inflamed causing a aching pain in my heel and a pulling sensation in the back of my ankle/leg. I went to visit my podiatrist who instructed me to wear a huge BOOT until my next visit (My visit is TODAY) along with taking anti-inflammatory medsand icing my foot twice a day. So far so good!

I took one week off from exercise, but I got right back on track last monday. Met with my trainer to get a modified circuit routine to include abs and weight training. I've also incorporated the stationary bike to allow for low impact cardio. An Achilles tendon is nothing to play with! I could have been down for the count BUT GOD! I so want to get back to full mobility, so low to no impact cardio is what I will foucs on. Looking forward to my doctor appointment today, but I already know that my running has to cease for a while. I must say that i'm happy that I've gotten to the point where I truly miss running. As I drive by runners I'm a little envious that they can run and enjoy the nice sunshine. I'm staying positive through it all because it's only a small delay in my big dream! Almost forgot I went to JCP last weekend and tried on a size 14 (regular NOT plus). The shorts slid right on! They fit like a glove anad I was able to fit a size large shirt too - NOW that's what you call a victory! Although my food choices have not been perfect I have been able to maintain my weight.

Before a run
After a run icing my knees
After a great run/walk in the FL heat!
Foxxy's October Goals:
- No bad carbs (white bread, white flour. potatoes, pasta) and no sugar through October 20th
- Focus on weight training and low inpact cardio to get this body "Cruise Ready" for November
- Remain positive during my journey - rejoicing on the small victories
- Be creative with my food choices so I don't get bored 
- Encourage 2 friends/family and 2 strangers to continue or start a fitness journey
- Find ways to modify foods that I like to accommodate my meal planning without blowing my diet (i.e. instead of white rice, try making cauliflower rice) 
So last friday I went to the gym to get my workout in. I LOVE working out on Friday evenings! Well I did my usual (3 days a week) circuit training which is basically a full body workout. At the end of my workout the back of my foot was really tight. I stretched it out and left the gym. By the end of the night I was limping around and my heel would hurt each time I stepped down.   

Instead of prolonging the inevitable, I went to visit my Podiatrist tuesday where I learned that my Achilles tendon is inflamed. No tear - THANK GOD!  So Foxxy is styling everyday in a big BOOT until my follow-up appointment. So that means no running for a while. I even had to miss my favorite monthly ritual of going to two hour Zumba on saturday****SAD FACE times 10****!

No worries fitness goals are still in full effect! Time to get my nutrition 100% on point and get creative in the gym. I'll be taking a break from the gym this week to regroup, then next week I'm back on the grind doing something! Made a appointment with my trainer monday morning to get help with upper body and abs.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop,
Today's the day.....What day you ask? The date of my follow-up doctor appointment where I wanted to be down 20 more pounds. If you can't tell already, I didn't reach that goal *SAD FACE*. My doctor wasn't requiring that I lose 20lbs by this date, but that was a goal I set for myself. Going to the appointment I knew that I was FAR from my goals because I've been all over the place with my eating. Dining out, fast food, processed frozen meals, breads, and sugar have been in my MOUTH!!!!!! One thing I've learned on my fitness journey is that no matter how much you workout, if your nutrition is not on point you will NOT lose weight.

Now don't get me wrong I haven't gone crazy with my eating, but I've been trying to incorporate things that I cut out during my initial weight loss. With 47 pounds down I just wanted to add back some of the things I love like peanut butter jelly sandwiches, some sweets, cereal, etc. I think I took it overboard. I've mastered how to maintain my weight, but that is not my goal. Tommie has to remain focused  to "Transform Foxxy". Back to mostly lean meats, fruits amd veggies as I continue this journey........Pray for me!
Perfect representation of what I want to look like at my goal weight
Before: This saturday's run
After the run....Sweat drippin!
The Journey CONTINUES........I'm still counting down to my September 9th doctor appointment. As of right now I'm scared I'm not going to make my goal. Just being honest after all the McNuggets, one trip to Golden Corral, and a trip to Cold Stone, if I fail it's my fault. I have faith that I can still make it to 200lbs by the set date so I'm focusing on that. Although I got some good meals in I did stay on track with my eating 85% of the time. It's easy for me to stay on track during the week, the weekends are the challenge for me.

My exercise regimen has been on point! I've been hitting the gym twice on Mondays and Fridays and at least 3 other times during the week. I attended two hour zumba this month as well (my favorite workout) and won one of the raffles! My girl Jocelyn and I needed a change from the mundane of the gym. So we decided to take our run/walk to the STREETS! We ran in downtown Jacksonville across the Acosta and Main Street bridges. The routes range from 2 miles to 3.25 miles. When I run alone I run the trail by my house and it's a total of 4 miles. I also started the ab challenge, but I must say I HATED IT! I hate ab workouts with a passion but I did my best........My best just wasn't enough. I only made it halfway through the challenge and I quit :(  

Last month's challenge was more than fitness, it also included financial fitness. I've finished the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University classes and I honestly feel so much more peace. I've changed my habits and I have a solid plan on how to become financially FREE! I'm not just talking about it - I'm doing it!  

Completed my first run through the trail by my house - 3 miles!
Icing my shins in preparation for a after work run
Me and My girl Jocelyn after one of our circuit training workouts!
CONQUERED! Running the bridges of downtown Jacksonville 3.25 miles!
Completed another successful run in downtown Jacksonville..... Jocelyn was so happy she was wet LOL!
Remember your testimony - your journey is not for you it's to help and encourage someone else. I met two nice women this month: April (pictured) I met in Planet Fitness and she was complaining to her friend about not losing the weight and working so hard. She reminded me of myself so I pulled her to the side and told her my testimony of how I never gave up no matter how bad it seemed. She agree to go hard for the month of August with me - WHOO! Then I met a nutritionist named Staci she was so moved by my testimony of how God is blessing me along this journey. I shared the love and support I've gotten from my friends and family and how my faith in this journey has inspired others to step it up. She wants me to come share my testimony with the young girls group at her church. God is so good!

My September goals are:
- Focus on my September 9th goal of losing 16 more pounds.......as close to 200lbs as possible!
- Participate in the BWLW Food Journal Challenge "Write What You Bite"
- Be very mindful of my food choices
- Run 2-4 miles 5 days a week "Time to pound the pavement". Finding different routes to explore and pushing past my limits to get the most out of my workouts this month
- Circuit training 3 times a week
- Attend two-hour zumba one saturday this month

I thought I told the WORLD that I had a weight loss goal this month, WELLLLLL I guess McDonald's could care less. They put my favorite menu item the "McNuggets" on sale 6 for $1. Since I saw the sign I've been at McDonald's ERR-DAY!

Pray for my deliverance,
It's August 20th and I must say this month is flying by!  I've stepped up my fitness game this month for sure; Hitting the gym more often and taking my runs to the streets of Jacksonville. Since August 5th I'm down 7.4 pounds, but still far from my September 9th goal......I still want to lose 14.8 more pounds. Wish me luck and as the picture states "Will It Be Easy? NOPE.....Worth It? ABSOLUTELY. 

Transformation In Progress,
Ya girl Foxxy HERE ready to share my August challenges - YES Plural LOL! Writing a fitness plan for myself each month really helps me to visualize what I want to accomplish or better yet CONQUER for the month. Just to update you on last month I did pretty good with all my challenges:
- Run/walk 3 miles 5 days a week - YES 95% of the month
- Refrain from eating carbs - I did great during the week but on the weekends not so much. I had some cookies, bread, cakes, and donuts LOL.....NOT really funny :(
- 3x a week Crossfit workout - YES me and my homegirl Jocelyn got it in!
- I completed the 30 day squat challenge - 3225 squats in one month - SERIOUSLY!
- I didn't make it to zumba :(
- I started training with the free trainer at Planet Fitness. He is awesome and he knows his stuff.

August Workout Plan (Time to GO HARD)
- Weight loss goal this month - extended to Sept 9th (Followup dr appt) is 21lbs - Current weight 221
- 7-8 hours of sleep nightly - bed by 11pm
- Workout 5 days per week (off day thursday)
- Circuit training with Sean of Planet Fitness - Monday & Friday mornings and Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.
- Run/Walk 3 miles 4 days per week *1 day out the week take it outside to the downtown bridges of Jacksonville*
- 24 day Abs Challenge - Begins August 5th
- Attend 2 hr Zumba August 17th
Picturesample of food prepared for the week
August Food Plan
- Limited sugar -berries to add to salads and greek yogurt
- No bread or pasta
- Focus on clean eating (eating tons of veggies= kale, spinach are my favs)
 - Meats - Mostly chicken and turkey and fish to aid in raising my Vitamin D levels
- 80oz of water daily (64oz by 5pm and 16oz by 10pm)
- Eat dinner by 7:30pm nightly 
- Reference website Clean & Delicious by Dani (cleananddelicious.com) - Great source for clean eating recipes and a place to save them for later use.

Sample lunch: tilipia, kale, eggplant
Sample breakfast: cracker pepper sausage, kale, 1 boiled egg
Sample run/walks in the month of July on a incline 12-15
Challenge starts August 5th
This month is more than a fitness challenge but a finance challenge as well. In July I enrolled in the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University being held at my church. I'm loving the class and I'm learning so much to help me on my path to financial freedom "God's way". Using the tools I learned in July,, in August I'm embarking on a new "Foxxy" who is more structured financially. Learning to accept that my wants might have to wait, but in due time I can have it all. My goal this month is to make myself aware of my habits and learn how to better manage my funds when it comes spending on clothing and food. Using Dave's envelope system I will stop using credit and debits cards, focusing on cash and how using cash will aid to change my habits.
Foxxy's up for the challenge......Are you? Share any fitness and financial success you have this month. We are in this adventure together :)

PictureOne day of the June challenge with my Brother
WE GO HARD!!!! Can't you tell? All that sweat just glistening on our faces LOL! But seriously I ended my  birthday challenge with a bang - I even got my brother to join me:) BUT it's time to step it up and get back on track with my eating. For the month of June I ate what I wanted, but I could only do that because I ran/walk 4 miles a day. So I was able to maintain my weight.....maintaining is not my goal. LOSE, LOSE, LOSE is what Foxxy is all about!

So my July Challenge is:
- Run/Walk 3 miles 5 days a week.
- Refrain from eating carbs (bread, pasta, rice) and sugar.
- 3 times a week (M,W,F) go to gym twice completing the cross fit workout at lunch and run/walk after work.

- On Tuesday the focus will be arms and Thursday the focus will be on legs. 
- Complete the 30 day squat challenge (started 6/26/13).
- Also hoping to make it to zumba at least twice this month. 

Yesterday at the gym with my girl Jocelyn - Crossfit type workout at lunch and 3 mile run/walk after work
If you're not wearing a band - you better start TODAY!
Weights I use: squats holding a 15lb dumbbell, the situps I have a 10lb flat weight in my hands, lunges I have 10lbs dumbbells and for the deadlift I have a 20lb bar weight
Don't just watch, JOIN ME.....We all can be Foxxy!
PictureDay 1 results - June 10th
Sooooo Foxxy .... me, her, yeah I mean Tommie kinda failed on my initial birthday challenge. I haven't been horrible but the no sugar and no carbs was a no-go on the weekends. So instead of being a failure I came up with another challenge. My birthday is June 19th so I just want to challenge myself and push past limits. Starting June 10th through June 20th I have made a commitment to run/walk 4 miles daily. I've never done 4 miles in one day, the closest I've gotten was completing the 5k in April which is 3.25 miles. Since I've been there done that with the 3 miles, I had to take it up a notch!

Transforming Foxxy is in full effect but with my birthday fast approaching I'm just being honest with myself that some NOT SO healthy eating is in my future hahaha! June 24th my next challenge will begin - still thinking of the details but I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in September and I would love to be at my goal weight by then. 

Dreaming of my new body, 

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