Watching the news last night, they featured a story about how to workout while you work. My ears perked up and I wanted to hear more. I've worked a desk job since I was 21 years old. The work becomes monotonous and sitting in the same spot for hours is definitely not healthy. I was shocked when they showed the Treadmill Desk Combination by Lifespan Fitness. Not only was I interested, I wish I could request one through my job to use for 2013. I would really be on the way to my weight loss goal :)

Lifespan describes the Treadmill Desk Combination as:
2013 Model - The TR800-DT5 Treadmill Desk workstation comes complete with a desk and treadmill. It has a sturdy work surface measuring 46.5" wide and 31" deep with ample room for all of your common office desktop devices like your laptop, printer, and computer. The treadmill console is conveniently located in the front of the desk so it doesn't take space away from the working surface. For comfort and convenience, the TR800-DT5 includes padded arm rests to ensure lasting comfort, and clean cable management with a cable tray tucked under the desk to store your cables.

If you're interested in taking your work life to the next level and don't mind the $1299 price tag, the Treadmill Desk Combination could be all yours! WAIT.....I almost forgot they offer free shipping (They want to butter you up!) For more information visit Lifespan Fitness website HERE

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