So last friday I went to the gym to get my workout in. I LOVE working out on Friday evenings! Well I did my usual (3 days a week) circuit training which is basically a full body workout. At the end of my workout the back of my foot was really tight. I stretched it out and left the gym. By the end of the night I was limping around and my heel would hurt each time I stepped down.   

Instead of prolonging the inevitable, I went to visit my Podiatrist tuesday where I learned that my Achilles tendon is inflamed. No tear - THANK GOD!  So Foxxy is styling everyday in a big BOOT until my follow-up appointment. So that means no running for a while. I even had to miss my favorite monthly ritual of going to two hour Zumba on saturday****SAD FACE times 10****!

No worries fitness goals are still in full effect! Time to get my nutrition 100% on point and get creative in the gym. I'll be taking a break from the gym this week to regroup, then next week I'm back on the grind doing something! Made a appointment with my trainer monday morning to get help with upper body and abs.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop,


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