I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better - Dr. Maya Angelou
This crazy body of mine tends to be injury prone......EVERYTIME I start a workout regimen I hurt myself in some form or fashion! From a sprained foot, heel spurs, and even a strained rotator cuff.......It's always something! Well in 2013 I want to do better (AND last longer) in my fitness journey so I'm looking to professionals for help. I've been running for the past 8 weeks using the Couch 2 5K program, but I don't want to hurt myself. So I registered for a Good Form Running Clinic to assist me in running faster, easier & injury Free! This clinic is held by a Jacksonville Florida store called: 1st Place Sports. I attended the clinic this week with one of my girlfriends.

At 1st Place Sports, The Good Form Running Clinic is offered on Wednesday nights at your selected location at 6:00 PM. The clinic is free, but is limited to twenty runners per class. They ensure that the class will show you the proper techniques, which could make you a faster runner, make your running easier, and help you avoid common running injuries. I really didn't know what to expect when I got to the clinic. The clinic was headed by the store's manager who was once a professional runner. The program stress the "4 Simple Steps to Good Form": Posture, Mid-Foot, Cadence, and Lean (see the chart below). After going through all 4 steps, he offered to run with each of us individually. As he ran with me he watched my movements and kept a count of my cadence. He told me that my cadence was good but my form was all wrong, I was losing momentum as I ran because I was striking the ground with the heel.  We then practiced running with my arms at 90 degrees and focused on running mid-foot.

I left the clinic inspired to use the new information and to start week 8 C25K with a bang. I headed straight to the gym where I used the new info I gained and I ran my best time EVER!!! During the entire C25K training this is the first time I kept the same speed (3.5), paced myself and my stride stayed on point the entire run! I never thought I would be able to run 28 minutes straight......I left the gym on CLOUD 9! Day 2 run was a great repeat of Day 1 results. For Day 3 of wk 8 I'm taking my run to the downtown bridges of Jacksonville......Go Foxxy!

Learning more about the art of running and getting closer to my goal of "Being a runner" feels awesome! Wish me luck on this wonderful journey to "Transforming Foxxy". For more information on Good Form Running, check out www.goodformrunning.com.

Runners Beware,



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