As I progressed in the C25K program, I began to get more and more interested in running. My overall goal is to become a runner. I want to be able to say " I'm going for a run" one day. I've been dealing with foot problems specifically heel spurs for a fews years, so I knew to make it as a runner my shoes have to be correct. My podiatrist recommended that I visit a store that specializes in running shoes and look into shoes with stablilty support.

Visiting the first store I was steered towards this two stability shoes:
Brooks Ariel
Brooks Ariel
Saucony Stabil 2
**WINNER** Brooks Dyad 7
I decided to visit another store, The Jacksonville Running Company to see if they had a better selection is style and price. I was greeted with kindless as soon as I opened the door. Instead of just taking my word for it, my salesperson Bobby decided to take me through the entire Fit process to ensure I leave the store with the correct shoe. JRC uses a comprehensive foot digital analysis program to gather data related to arch type, length, and width of your feet.

The Fit process includes a Gait Analysis with video footage that zeros in on the nuances of my individual needs. This analysis allowed me to see how my feet move as I run and walk; They even allowed me to take a walk/run outside to see how my feet felt in the shoes. This was a very interesting process to get a better understanding of how my foot moves and the support it needs. The shoe that I decided on was the Brooks Dyad 7. This shoe is a Men's shoe but I loved the color (don't have to worry about showing all the dirt) and the structure of the shoe gave my toes the room needed for perfect comfort. The shoe runs for $110, but I was able to get it for $90.....YAY! To see more info on the whole fitting process, check out Jacksonville Running Company's website HERE.

I've worn my new kicks for a week and as of right now I'm satisfied. What I love about JRC they allow me 30 days to wear my new running shoes and if I'm not totally satified I can exchange them for a different pair. I will definitely recommend this store to anyone. The service I received was impeccable.

Future Daily Runner,



01/16/2013 3:24pm

Great pick, I really like those Brooks Dyad 7 shoes


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