I know it's late in November but with my computer being down and taking vacation I just haven't found the time. I like to update the blog with my fitness goals for the month because not only does it help me to hold myself accountable.......It encourages others too! So many people have encouraged me since last month and have reached out to me for help. I am far from a expert but one thing I know for sure is that this journey is HARD and without someone in your corner its hard to make it to the finish line.

I've been on a food-vacation allowing myself to eat what I want and ENJOY it for the month of October. Never going overboard but enjoying the things that I really like but turned away from. My Mom also came to visit in October so of course I had to enjoy some fried chicken wings ( MY FAV) or whatever else she wanted to cook. I truly missed my Mom's cooking and I totally took advantage. On those days when she cooked my favs, I made to sure to watch my portions and eat balanced meals for breakfast and lunch so when dinner time came......I ENJOYED IT! I'm just being honest about my journey :)

Sooooooo for the month of November my goals are:
 - Starting November 11th I have been totally on track with my eating. I'm half way to my weight loss goal so I'm looking at this point as a point to start over.
 - I'm using measuring cups to ensure I'm getting the right portions, looking at calories, ALL THAT! I'm ready to take myself to the next level and at this point I need to stay focused.
 -This month I will be getting back to running (YAY), and going to various fitness classes. Last month my main focus was boxing and I loved it - I'll get back to it in December.
 - Greens, Greens, Greens! I'm incorporating lots of green veggies back into my diet. I never really took them out but I'm stepping it up and eating more
 - Lunch - For the past couple weeks I haven't been hungry at lunch time. So instead of trying to force myself to eat I've decided to make smoothies (power greens, apple, strawberry, raspberry), along with a Nature Valley bar. So far so good It gives me the nutrients I need to make it through mid day until my next snack.

That's all for now, but I hope to check in with you all before the end of the month



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