So September was a bust! Yeah I know it doesn't sound good but it's the truth. If I'm going to blog about my journey I have to remain truthful about my struggles. I really struggled this month.....bread & sweets were EVERYWHERE!!! My favorite candy "Candy Corn" (Oh how I love thee) is back on the market as well! Exercise is not my issue, it's the food struggle that has kept my weight loss stagnant for the past two months. I prepare all my meals in advance for the work week (breakfast, lunch, & dinner). The temptation comes for me on the weekend when I'm out and about enjoying my free time.

In September my fitness was on point! Continuing my running and stepping up my circuit training routine with the trainer at Planet Fitness. I was going so hard with the running, hurdles, and laddar drills that I hurt my foot. Actually my Achilles Tendon is inflamed causing a aching pain in my heel and a pulling sensation in the back of my ankle/leg. I went to visit my podiatrist who instructed me to wear a huge BOOT until my next visit (My visit is TODAY) along with taking anti-inflammatory medsand icing my foot twice a day. So far so good!

I took one week off from exercise, but I got right back on track last monday. Met with my trainer to get a modified circuit routine to include abs and weight training. I've also incorporated the stationary bike to allow for low impact cardio. An Achilles tendon is nothing to play with! I could have been down for the count BUT GOD! I so want to get back to full mobility, so low to no impact cardio is what I will foucs on. Looking forward to my doctor appointment today, but I already know that my running has to cease for a while. I must say that i'm happy that I've gotten to the point where I truly miss running. As I drive by runners I'm a little envious that they can run and enjoy the nice sunshine. I'm staying positive through it all because it's only a small delay in my big dream! Almost forgot I went to JCP last weekend and tried on a size 14 (regular NOT plus). The shorts slid right on! They fit like a glove anad I was able to fit a size large shirt too - NOW that's what you call a victory! Although my food choices have not been perfect I have been able to maintain my weight.

Before a run
After a run icing my knees
After a great run/walk in the FL heat!
Foxxy's October Goals:
- No bad carbs (white bread, white flour. potatoes, pasta) and no sugar through October 20th
- Focus on weight training and low inpact cardio to get this body "Cruise Ready" for November
- Remain positive during my journey - rejoicing on the small victories
- Be creative with my food choices so I don't get bored 
- Encourage 2 friends/family and 2 strangers to continue or start a fitness journey
- Find ways to modify foods that I like to accommodate my meal planning without blowing my diet (i.e. instead of white rice, try making cauliflower rice) 


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