Ya girl Foxxy HERE ready to share my August challenges - YES Plural LOL! Writing a fitness plan for myself each month really helps me to visualize what I want to accomplish or better yet CONQUER for the month. Just to update you on last month I did pretty good with all my challenges:
- Run/walk 3 miles 5 days a week - YES 95% of the month
- Refrain from eating carbs - I did great during the week but on the weekends not so much. I had some cookies, bread, cakes, and donuts LOL.....NOT really funny :(
- 3x a week Crossfit workout - YES me and my homegirl Jocelyn got it in!
- I completed the 30 day squat challenge - 3225 squats in one month - SERIOUSLY!
- I didn't make it to zumba :(
- I started training with the free trainer at Planet Fitness. He is awesome and he knows his stuff.

August Workout Plan (Time to GO HARD)
- Weight loss goal this month - extended to Sept 9th (Followup dr appt) is 21lbs - Current weight 221
- 7-8 hours of sleep nightly - bed by 11pm
- Workout 5 days per week (off day thursday)
- Circuit training with Sean of Planet Fitness - Monday & Friday mornings and Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.
- Run/Walk 3 miles 4 days per week *1 day out the week take it outside to the downtown bridges of Jacksonville*
- 24 day Abs Challenge - Begins August 5th
- Attend 2 hr Zumba August 17th
Picturesample of food prepared for the week
August Food Plan
- Limited sugar -berries to add to salads and greek yogurt
- No bread or pasta
- Focus on clean eating (eating tons of veggies= kale, spinach are my favs)
 - Meats - Mostly chicken and turkey and fish to aid in raising my Vitamin D levels
- 80oz of water daily (64oz by 5pm and 16oz by 10pm)
- Eat dinner by 7:30pm nightly 
- Reference website Clean & Delicious by Dani (cleananddelicious.com) - Great source for clean eating recipes and a place to save them for later use.

Sample lunch: tilipia, kale, eggplant
Sample breakfast: cracker pepper sausage, kale, 1 boiled egg
Sample run/walks in the month of July on a incline 12-15
Challenge starts August 5th
This month is more than a fitness challenge but a finance challenge as well. In July I enrolled in the Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University being held at my church. I'm loving the class and I'm learning so much to help me on my path to financial freedom "God's way". Using the tools I learned in July,, in August I'm embarking on a new "Foxxy" who is more structured financially. Learning to accept that my wants might have to wait, but in due time I can have it all. My goal this month is to make myself aware of my habits and learn how to better manage my funds when it comes spending on clothing and food. Using Dave's envelope system I will stop using credit and debits cards, focusing on cash and how using cash will aid to change my habits.
Foxxy's up for the challenge......Are you? Share any fitness and financial success you have this month. We are in this adventure together :)

PictureOne day of the June challenge with my Brother
WE GO HARD!!!! Can't you tell? All that sweat just glistening on our faces LOL! But seriously I ended my  birthday challenge with a bang - I even got my brother to join me:) BUT it's time to step it up and get back on track with my eating. For the month of June I ate what I wanted, but I could only do that because I ran/walk 4 miles a day. So I was able to maintain my weight.....maintaining is not my goal. LOSE, LOSE, LOSE is what Foxxy is all about!

So my July Challenge is:
- Run/Walk 3 miles 5 days a week.
- Refrain from eating carbs (bread, pasta, rice) and sugar.
- 3 times a week (M,W,F) go to gym twice completing the cross fit workout at lunch and run/walk after work.

- On Tuesday the focus will be arms and Thursday the focus will be on legs. 
- Complete the 30 day squat challenge (started 6/26/13).
- Also hoping to make it to zumba at least twice this month. 

Yesterday at the gym with my girl Jocelyn - Crossfit type workout at lunch and 3 mile run/walk after work
If you're not wearing a band - you better start TODAY!
Weights I use: squats holding a 15lb dumbbell, the situps I have a 10lb flat weight in my hands, lunges I have 10lbs dumbbells and for the deadlift I have a 20lb bar weight
Don't just watch, JOIN ME.....We all can be Foxxy!
PictureDay 1 results - June 10th
Sooooo Foxxy .... me, her, yeah I mean Tommie kinda failed on my initial birthday challenge. I haven't been horrible but the no sugar and no carbs was a no-go on the weekends. So instead of being a failure I came up with another challenge. My birthday is June 19th so I just want to challenge myself and push past limits. Starting June 10th through June 20th I have made a commitment to run/walk 4 miles daily. I've never done 4 miles in one day, the closest I've gotten was completing the 5k in April which is 3.25 miles. Since I've been there done that with the 3 miles, I had to take it up a notch!

Transforming Foxxy is in full effect but with my birthday fast approaching I'm just being honest with myself that some NOT SO healthy eating is in my future hahaha! June 24th my next challenge will begin - still thinking of the details but I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in September and I would love to be at my goal weight by then. 

Dreaming of my new body, 

Before: December 2012 - 253lbs / After: May 2013 - 218lbs
My 33rd Birthday is June 19th so this year I've decided that my gift to myself is to lose more weight. I've come a long way in my weight loss journey and I wanted to take it to the next level by pushing myself further than before. So my birthday challenge was birthed! From May 19th to June 18th my goal is to lose 19lbs. To help my dream come to fruition, I will: :
 - Refrain from eating all carbs (bread, pasta, etc)
 - Refrain from eating anything containing sugar (occasionally something with less than 2g of sugar like natural peanut butter)
- I will work out 6 days a week (twice on monday, wednesday, friday & to including C25K running training and Zumba)

I'm excited about my challenge and I'm praying that I can reach my goal. I posted my challenge on Facebook and My Pastor even called me to join in with me! I have a fantastic support system in my family and friends through this journey. With blood, sweat, and many tears I'm making my dreams a reality......One day at a time!

The Bible says that you too have an audience cheering you on. Hebrews 12:1 says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us” (NLT).

Nothing you do is private. You always have an audience. Heaven is watching. But, more importantly, you have a cheering section. The Bible says that everyone in Heaven is cheering you on. I just want to thank everyone in advance for all the support.....I'm so thankful for how far I've come.

Here's the most straight to the point definition of clean eating I could find........
Last year I joined Weight Watchers with a good friend. We were so excited about our weight loss journey that we got an idea to create a way to track pounds lost. We were determined to work hard and see those pounds come off!

Mimicking a picture found on Pinterest, we decided to create decorated vases to document our weight loss journey. My friend and I went to Michael's craft store to get supplies to created our version. Oh what a night of fun it was to create something to motivate yourself - Encourage yourself right! This journey is special because of all the hard work and determination needed to make it, but it's also full of memories that we will never forget.

We determined our total weight loss goal and used that number of marbles to start with. Each week at weigh in we would move the number of marbles to document our lost. Although I'm no longer on the Weight Watchers program, I'm still going hard with my nutrition and As of today I've moved 37 marbles!!!!! Praise the Lord!

If you need some motivation, make your own set of vases and start MOVING THOSE MARBLES!

I'm not where I want to be, but I thank God for how far I've come,

I've quit so many times before BUT not this time! I've got this! My goal is near and with God pushing me, I'm going to make it! 

I encourage you to stay focused on your fitness goals! Tell your family and friends so they can help push you along. It's always a blessing to have someone in your corner :) 


Hey Friends! A full post is on the way but I figured I could at least show you my progress in pictures...ENJOY! If you're on a fitness journey post your achievements in the comments. I would love to support you too!
I've got the power to do this!
One of the weigh in/measurement check days with my trainer Dr. Fitness
Run day
Transforming Foxxy is definitely underway!
Downtown Jacksonville - Taking my walk/run to the streets
Legs workout day......If I had to do one more squat, I would've fell out!!!!
I'm getting there
Bananas are on of my fav fruits, so it was interesting to find out all it's amazing benefits. Take a look........
I LOVE watching The Biggest Loser show. At the beginning of each season I pick one of the contestants and try to follow them in their journey. Although I didn't catch all the episodes this season, I love to see the before and after photos at the end. The Winner Ms. Danni lost a whopping 121 on the show, but my inspiration is Alex. I'm admired by Alex's transformation because it wasn't easy for her. She struggled for high weight loss numbers each week, just like I do. Her perseverance toward her goal helped and she managed to lose 53 pounds in 9 weeks. Her body transformation pics is like I'm looking at before and after pictures of MYSELF! Perfect example of what I'm striving for my body to look like. Here's Alex infomation:

Alex Reid, 24
Before: Despite her struggle to hit high weight loss numbers, Alex managed to lose 53 pounds during nine weeks on the ranch.
After: By the finale weigh-in, Alex lost 84 pounds, and 35 percent of her body weight, and gained the self-confidence she had lacked during her early weeks as a Season 14 contestant.
See all the contestant transformation HERE

Transforming Foxxy still in progress :)

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