I LOVE watching The Biggest Loser show. At the beginning of each season I pick one of the contestants and try to follow them in their journey. Although I didn't catch all the episodes this season, I love to see the before and after photos at the end. The Winner Ms. Danni lost a whopping 121 on the show, but my inspiration is Alex. I'm admired by Alex's transformation because it wasn't easy for her. She struggled for high weight loss numbers each week, just like I do. Her perseverance toward her goal helped and she managed to lose 53 pounds in 9 weeks. Her body transformation pics is like I'm looking at before and after pictures of MYSELF! Perfect example of what I'm striving for my body to look like. Here's Alex infomation:

Alex Reid, 24
Before: Despite her struggle to hit high weight loss numbers, Alex managed to lose 53 pounds during nine weeks on the ranch.
After: By the finale weigh-in, Alex lost 84 pounds, and 35 percent of her body weight, and gained the self-confidence she had lacked during her early weeks as a Season 14 contestant.
See all the contestant transformation HERE

Transforming Foxxy still in progress :)


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