Last year I joined Weight Watchers with a good friend. We were so excited about our weight loss journey that we got an idea to create a way to track pounds lost. We were determined to work hard and see those pounds come off!

Mimicking a picture found on Pinterest, we decided to create decorated vases to document our weight loss journey. My friend and I went to Michael's craft store to get supplies to created our version. Oh what a night of fun it was to create something to motivate yourself - Encourage yourself right! This journey is special because of all the hard work and determination needed to make it, but it's also full of memories that we will never forget.

We determined our total weight loss goal and used that number of marbles to start with. Each week at weigh in we would move the number of marbles to document our lost. Although I'm no longer on the Weight Watchers program, I'm still going hard with my nutrition and As of today I've moved 37 marbles!!!!! Praise the Lord!

If you need some motivation, make your own set of vases and start MOVING THOSE MARBLES!

I'm not where I want to be, but I thank God for how far I've come,



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