Oh what a horrible hair week......Natural hair does what it wants to do at times and mine was doing it's thang LOL! So instead of pouting about it, I was inspired by the Teyonna Parris SAG Awards hairstyle and came up with this simple updo. Do you like?
"Those beautiful curls and kinks are ALL yours, so ROCK them!"
One Word.....GORGEOUS! Mad Men Actress Teyonah Parris rocked a gorgeous pompadour updo for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. We rarely see natural hair on the red carpet (Viola Davis 2012) and I was so delighted to see Ms. Parris. It was a breath of fresh air to see someone rock their natural hair with elegance to such an important event. Her style was perfect for her dress - She ROCKED that!

Do you like?

Naturally Elegant,
Have you ever heard of Jamaican Black Castor Oil?  Jamaican Black Castor Oil is generally used as a hot oil treatment or used to combat dry damaged hair, hair growth issues, thinning hair and dry/split ends. Black Castor Oil is a powerful all-purpose healing oil that came to Jamaica from West Africa where it was used in ancient times for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Tropic Isle Living's all natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil is light to dark brown due to the tedious age old traditional process still used to make this brand.  For detailed information on the wonderful healing attributes of this product visit http://www.tropicisleliving.com/. I purchased my bottle from Sage Naturalceutical Atlanta store. 

I've noticed that my hair is not as thick as it use to be. My ends appear stringy, dry, with splitting ends. I think my hair has been damaged by using a denman brush to detangle or perm rods to curl the ends of my twist. Whatever it is I want to fix it! I love my curls and it's important that I treat them well.......With tender loving care!

Starting February 1st, I'm embarking on a hair challenge using Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This challenge will last for 3 months. During the challenge,  I will add the oil to my scalp every two days and to my ends daily. I will also wear protective styles for 2 full weeks each month. I'm hoping to see the results I desire: healthy ends and added length.

Join in the challenge with me :)

Hey Curlfriends! Today's post is so random but.................
I'm having a real Natural Hair moment today. One of those days when you wake up and realize you have somewhere important to go and you didn't twist your hair. The event totally slipped your mind, so instead you have to pin it up or bun it and your not looking your best **BLANK STARE**

This is the moment that helps you understand the importance of having CONFIDENCE in your natural hair journey. Having an over abundance of confidence through the journey will encourage you not to make any rash decisions (i.e. Big Chop or going back to the creamy crack LOL) regarding your hair. Instead you totally embrace your curls and kinks to make the most of your situation with confidence. Natural hair can be unpredictable at times, so it's imperative that you have a go-to and/or staple hairstyle in your back pocket to save the day. 

What's your favorite go-to and/or staple hairstyle?

"Those beautiful curls and kinks are ALL yours, so ROCK them!"
There are so many myths out there about natural hair. So many do's and don't that leave many natural confused on this journey. Check out this article I found on WWW.BEAUTYLISH.COM "7 Natural Hair Myths Revealed". Beautylish.com is the website of the author of the highly recommended book "The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care", Audrey Sivasothy.    

Author Audrey Sivasothy writes....... 
If your hair is naturally kinky, coily, curly or wavy, you’ve probably heard your share of hair myths and half-truths. It comes with the territory! Most of us know that “100-strokes-a-day” is flat wrong and split ends can’t be permanently repaired, but there are others still floating around. Do you recognize any of these common myths?

Myth #1: Natural hair is strong.  
Looks can be very deceiving.  Although it appears to be quite strong and durable, natural hair is some of the most delicate hair on the planet.  While naturally kinky, coily, and curly girls tend to have many more strands per square inch of scalp, the individual strands are actually smaller or finer than those with naturally straight and wavy hair.  The good news?  Despite its need for extra TLC, textured hair is still healthiest and strongest when left in its natural state.

Myth #2: Natural hair is unprofessional.
Who said that “professional” had to mean sticking to stick-straight locks? Serious employers are more concerned with what’s in your head than what’s on it. Natural hair is, and has always been, professional. So rock your ringlets and gravity-defying locks with pride! Professionalism in today’s workplace is more rightly correlated with actual skill, qualifications, and job performance—not
the shape of the fiber growing from one’s scalp. The only unprofessional hair to be had is hair that is unhealthy, unclean, or styled in a manner that compromises or prevents the actual performance of a job.

Myth #3: Natural hair is political.
For tree-huggers and free spirits, vegans, those who like neo-soul, poetry,
 spoken word, and other earthy “natural” things. True for some, but not for all.
While a carefully coifed afro may be a symbol of pride and strength for one
Natural, it may be no more than a fleeting fashion trend for another. 
Natural-haired women are as diverse and varied as any other random group of
people, and in many cases, the only similarities they share are at the scalp
level. Natural hair speaks for some us, but for others it doesn’t say a

Read the rest of the article HERE
Source: Yahoo images
Via Bellasugar.com,
Are you contemplating "Going natural" or already a Curly girl that needs some tips for the journey? Check out these awesome tips from Celebrity stylist Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules Salon in a this article "The Ultimate Guide to Natural Hair Care"

1. Do trim four times a year
Ever wonder where those single strand knots come from? They're actually a warning flag, screaming that it's time for a haircut. "Single strand knots come from split ends," Dickey says. "Split ends can be solved by regular cuts." Try to get trims every three to four months to stop knots before they start. 

2. Do get layers

A layered cut works well with naturally kinky textures because otherwise hair can fall in an awkward triangular shape. Your cut should work well with curly and straight styles for flexible styling. 

3. Don't cut curly
"Every strand deserves the same respect as the one next to it," Dickey explains. Getting your hair cut curly will not promise the shape you desire as natural hair tends to look different every time. Instead get hair blow-dried first. 

4. Do style wet
Apply styling products on soaking wet hair for the best (and most elongated) results — it's like a wet set for your natural curls. Even if you plan to blow-dry hair, begin with soaking wet hair to minimize

5. Don't use oil the wrong way
Argan, coconut, olive, avocado . . . oils are a natural woman's staple. But make sure to use oil to lock in moisture, not as a good conditioning treatment replacement. If you apply it too often, it will only sit on top of the hair shaft instead of penetrating. 

6. Do wash more often
"Nothing is going to moisturize your hair like the chemical makeup of water," Dickey says. Hydrated hair will be more resilient against heat damage, and it will also aid with detangling and curl
definition. He recommends rinsing hair at least every four days. 

7. Don't blow-dry with a brush
If you're attempting a straight style, make sure to check the weather first and forgo the dreaded brush. Select one light spritz to fight humidity, and your best tool is a comb attachment. "If you are dexterity-challenged, a comb attachment is the most practical," Dickey explains. "And there is no extra tension on the hair. It's always moving, so it's not burning your hair."

 8. Don't use pea-size amounts
If you aren't getting the results you desire, maybe you aren't using enough product. Other hair types can get away with quarter-size portions. But kinky textures should begin with golf-ball and
tennis-ball dollops. 

9. Do handle with care
"You know what they say when you hand wash clothes — handle with care," Dickey says. "Treat your hair like a cashmere sweater." Your fingers are your best detangling tool. If you're continually
running into snags, add more conditioner to help smooth the process. 

10. Do turn down your flat iron
Your flat iron should be set between 350°F and 400°F. The only smoke allowed should be steam, not singed strands. Don't attempt to get a pin-straight blow-dry. Instead use the blow-dryer to stretch and dry hair, then follow up with a flat iron to press. Or you can opt for a roller set instead.

To Healthy Hair,

I received my January CurlKit a few days ago. I must say that this box was pretty good. It offered a great variety of products. Many I've never heard of and that's the main reason that I subscribe to the monthly service. I've been a subscriber since June and I've been able to try so many new products without the added hassle of ordering a product online, paying shipping, and HATING IT! In this month's box, I'm most excited about trying the Coco & Cream: Raspberry Rice Pudding Shampoo Bar.

The Curlkit subscription service is $20 per month. You are guaranteed two full size products and a ton of samples each month. If your looking to try more products but stay within a budget, this service is definitely worth it. Here is my personal discount code to give you 10% off your first kit: http://curlkitshop.refr.cc/X44GDBM. Give it a try!

Natural hair takes you on a journey. I never would have made it this far without the wonderful and talented ladies of YouTube. In this post I wanted to tell you the channels that I frequent and have gotten me through so many hard times LOL! To transition, to curly, back to straight look to these vloggers for help and direction.

Check out the slideshow below.......AND there's one honorable mention: ME! Be sure to check out my channel MsTommieg
A few weeks ago I went to Sally's Beauty Supply just looking for something to buy......Like ALWAYS! I stumbled on a foundation to achieve the perfect chignon. I love the look of a bun but have struggled to achieve it, BUT now I can!

I started my bun on freshly washed hair. I slicked my hair into a ponytail using Eco styler gel with Argan oil. Secured my edges with Ampro Silk Edges for that perfect ponytail. To add dimension to the style, I parted enough hair for a bang and began to flat twist. I pinned the end of the twist into the bun. **You can take down the twist the next day to have two styles :)**

After I achieved a perfectly set ponytail, I inserted the hair through the middle of the chignon foundation. Then I placed my pointer finger in the middle of the hair sticking out of the ponytail. Now that I've found the middle point I flatten and spread the hair around to cover the chignon foundation. Using hair pins to secure the hair and chignon in place. Place a small amount of gel in your hand to smooth the hair and add a little shine!

A great quick style to add to your style arsenal! Give it a try......The chignon foundation can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply for only $3.69.

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